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How it Works

Introducing SHEER Rewards. Giving you access to exclusive offers while you get rewarded for shopping with us!

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(Email + SMS Sign Up)


(Purchased 1 Dress)

Super Fashionista

(Purchased 2 Dresses)


(Purchased 3 Dresses or more)

Cart Discount--10% OFF 2ND DRESS15% OFF 3RD DRESS20% OFF 4TH DRESS
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Free Gifts----


How does Sheer Rewards work?

SHEER Rewards is a loyalty program designed to provide you with exclusive access, benefits, and offers when you shop with SHEER. The more you buy the more you save!

SHEER Rewards offers four tiers:

  • SUBSCRIBER: Unlock this first general tier available to everyone that gives you free shipping and early access to new limited edition drops the day of launch, when you sign up to our email newsletter and sms alerts.
  • FASHIONISTA: Unlock Fashionista status with your first SHEER dress purchase and get 10% off your next (second dress) purchase, free shipping, and early access to new limited edition drops one day before launch.
  • SUPER FASHIONISTA: Unlock Super Fashionista status with your second SHEER dress purchase and get 15% off your next (third dress) purchase, free shipping, early access to new limited edition drops two days before launch, priority service, and free returns and exchanges.
  • INSIDER: Unlock Insider status with your third SHEER dress purchase and get 20% off your next (fourth dress) purchase + future orders, free shipping, early access to new limited edition drops three days before launch, priority service, free returns and exchanges, and free gifts with your orders.

Is Sheer Rewards Free?

Yes, there is no cost to join SHEER Rewards loyalty program.

How do I Join?

You can join SHEER Rewards by signing up with your email and creating an account to track all your SHEER purchases while you shop with us. If you are an existing customer and have previously purchased with SHEER, note you will still need to create a new account in order to join SHEER Rewards and your purchases will begin to count only when you have become a SHEER Rewards member.

What are the benefits?

  • Free shipping
  • Early access to new drops
  • Early access to restock alerts
  • Early access to exclusive offers
  • Free Returns & Exchanges
  • Priority Service
  • Free gifts 

How do I know my tier status?

You can track your status by logging into your account and checking your tier status level. All orders must be placed while logged into your account in order for your purchases to be computed and added to your rewards.



Unlock Free Shipping


Unlock 10% Off 2nd dress

Super Fashionista

Unlock 15% Off 3rd dress


Unlock 20% Off 4th dress
+ future orders

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